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“Hong Kong Art: Open Dialogue” Exhibition Series IV - Charming Experience 

Presented by Leisure and Cultural Services Department and curated by Ms Grace Cheng, Director of Community Art Network, Charming Experience is an exhibition of and for everybody, attempting to serve people from different age groups, educational levels, gender, social backgrounds and abilities. It believes in the effectiveness of art as non-verbal communication and a medium to express emotions; it is able to bring about fun, pleasure and fulfillment.
Charming Experience provided a unique museum-going experience for audiences. The premise of this exhibition is that a true appreciation of Art can be achieved through experiencing the synergy of Artwork, Environment and the Audience alike. By way of introduction, imagine this exhibit as satisfying the individual’s pursuit of moments in daily life when one truly appreciates being alive and enjoying life for its own sake. In the exhibition, eight artifacts from the collection of the Hong Kong Museum of Art were chosen for seven local artists to work with by using different mediums and materials, from where they derive their very unique interpretations of “participation” and “enjoyment”.


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